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What a twist!!!

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This book ended with an incredible twist, but let’s start at the beginning. The book starts with Theo, a psychotherapist obsessed with patient Alicia. So obsessed he quits his job so he can work directly with her. She refuses to speak, and others have tried, but failed, to get through to her. Theo feels that he is the only one who can “save” Alicia.

The ending was very twisty. This suffered from a lot of hype, though, and ultimately didn’t quite meet my extremely high expectations. This book had gotten so many five star ratings that I hyped it a little bit and it fell short of my personal expectations. That’s not to say it wasn’t an excellent boon with a twisty ending. It certainly was. Read it, and love it.

The last thing I wanted to touch on was the characters. I found most of them to be unlikable. Especially Theo. Maybe that was on purpose, but it was hard to relate to him.

Overall, 4.5 stars, rounded down due to my extremely high expectations of this book.