What a ride!

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What happens when a husband is shot and his wife is the perfect suspect? A wife that has been admitted into a mental hospital and has not spoken a word since the incident six years ago.
This read is 100% worth the hype. It will leave you in awe, as the twist plays out. Be aware that there are multiple triggers (DV, Child Abuse, Self-harm/Suicidal ideations). The book also contains strong language.
For me this was a roller coaster of emotions packed into a one of a kind read. The characters are so well written that you will swear you have known them for years, and when it is all over you will be in complete awe. Alicia's story, told through the perspective of Theo, will leave you guessing until the very end. This one left me in a book hangover for days, asking myself "what just happened?". In my top ten reads of 2023, and a book I will be recommending for years to come.