this book just didnt do it for me

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This book...
It just did not do it for me, and that was a hard realization! For some reason, the entire premise of this book, and then the ultimate twist ending just left me, mouth agape, disappointed. I do not think that I have come across a single person who did not absolutely LOVE this book, and that makes me so very happy for the author, but it just didn't work out that way for me. It all felt extremely unbelievable and improbable, and i really wish i loved it more!

There are so many places in this book that i felt could have been explored more, explained better, or just plain left out because it did not make any sense or contribute to the story whatsoever. I wonder if my disappointment with the book comes from working in the medical field and just knowing that the majority of the happenings in this book just could never possibly happened, but i am for sure in the minority of people who didnt love it.