the way this scared the shit out of me:/

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Let me just start off by saying that this book creeped the shit out of me. I fr felt very uncomfortable after finishing it, and that’s how you know that it was an amazingly, well-written book. From the beginning of the book Theo’s character was one I could easily connect with and one who felt like an open book, but I was later on in the book to stand corrected after the final reveal, the plot twist. I am a huge fun of plot twists, but I hate predicting them before they occur. Surprisingly, I did not see this one happening at all. It took me by surprise (as you can see I’m trying not to give any spoilers so I’ll stop by saying that it was phenomenal). The build up as well was very intriguing and not boring at all, unlike many other mysteries/thrillers I’ve read before. It was very enjoyable and absolutely terrifying to read this book, and now I will probably never sleep again. Really excited though to read more works by this author - the maidens definitely being one them.