Psychological thriller

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My favorite genre to read is domestic psychological thrillers! With all the build up on this book and the rave reviews, I was so excited to read this it had me anticipating an explosive, unexpected twist. I think since I read so many books of this type lately, it was a pretty predictable type of twist ending for me, but it was still really well written and I would highly recommend to those who love these type of thrillers!

The book is about a famous painter who hasn’t spoken a word in years, since her husbands death and a psychotherapist who can’t wait to talk to her and get her to finally speak the truth about what happened. Can he do what he can to get her to speak? Will the truth be once and for all be told?

It’s relatable to “Behind Closed Doors” by B.A. Paris. So, if you enjoyed that book, you will surely be wanting to read with this thriller!

4.5 stars!