Psychological Thriller

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I don't read a lot of thrillers, but that said, this one held my attention and was a quick and enjoyable read for me. This book got off to a very strong start. I loved the diary entry beginning, as it led to a lot of questions for me. I was so curious that I was hooked. After this diary when Theo takes over narrating, I felt like I was listening to one of the crime podcasts I love.

The mental health depictions in this book were a bit much at times. There were some descriptions that were very in depth and rather dark. I understand how this contributed to the narration and combined with the setting, but I would encourage any potential readers to check the content warnings before starting this book. That said, from my limited experiences, I did find that the psychological content of this book felt legitimate and well researched.

I did not expect that twist at the end! I had a couple ideas of the motive and events in my head but I was completely wrong. This book shocked me in the best way possible!