Psychological Suspense at It's Finest

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This book was very well written and compelling. You could start to see hints and form your own conclusion to either have them confirmed or turned completely upside-down on the next page. Such a fascinating look at mental health and relationships from so many different sides with the backdrop of a modern day Greek tragedy meeting Agatha Christie on a psych ward.

The suspense will keep you reading on until you reach the end, and it's a book that's difficult to put down or press pause on the audio. If you have any background in psychology, this book will be additionally suspenseful and you recognize the medical truths behind what's happening with the characters. The way this book intertwined it's POVs was truly a marvel and is really what made the story shine the way it does. Part of me thinks it would be great to re-read to find hints that I missed the first time around, I'm not sure it would have the same effect a second time.