Plot Twist

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I did not read this book, however, I did listen to a audible version of the Silent Patient.

The story started out as normal, introducing the silent patient. I found nothing unusual of the patient, she was quiet and mysterious. However, I did had one question in mind: what happened?
As I continued to listen to the audible, slowly things starts to unravel.

The plot twist at the end was unexpected. No cause, I was shocked. This has the be the best plot twist I have ever read in my life. Who thought the "narrator" was a part of it.

Not going to lie, at the end of the book/audible. She was extremely intelligent, she was playing chess while the rest was playing checkers. Not only was she talented but uses her talent to help her reveal the truth.

Overall, this is one of the best book I have listened to so far. I am planning to read it, and fully immerse myself into the book instead of listening to the audible version of it.