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This book is my all-time absolute favorite thriller. It has a great story, a great pace, and an even amazing twist! Trust me, you will not see it coming. This book deserves all the hype that it got, and more. Having said that, I don't want you to go in expecting a twist after every chapter. I was intrigued from the very beginning, and could not put it down. The story is gripping, and there are no low points. The story is about Theo who wants to uncover everything about Alicia who killed her husband. She is locked at a psychiatric facility after the murder. Can Theo uncover the past of a patient who doesn't speak at all? Theo forces you to get into the psyche of Alicia, and try to understand why she did what she did. You want Alicia to open up to Theo, after all, he's the only one trying to get to the truth! It has been years, and most others have given up on Alicia.
If you like psychological thriller, this is a must read.
If you don't, then this is the one you should try to challenge opinion!