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I wanted to love this book so much. The hype around it was crazy. But it fell so flat for me it’s not even funny. While you are taken through a series of events surround the “silent patient”, I honestly feel like this was more of a book about the therapist who was seeing her at the treatment facility she’s locked up in. The story is told from his point of view and you are lead to believe he knows absolutely nothing about what’s going on with her but he so desperately wants to be the one to treat her. It starts to become suspicious, at least it did to me. You finally get to the story of why she’s locked up in a psychiatric facility and for me personally, everything started to click and I called it about halfway through. I was not a fan of the ending. I didn’t enjoy how the story was tied up neat. You’re pretty much just left on a cliffhanger like he intends to write a sequel.