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Masterful suspense story!

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Artist Alicia Berenson killed her husband Gabriel. She wasn't sent to prison - she was sent to The Grove, a psychiatric facility. Why? Since the night of the murder Alicia hasn't spoken. Not when she was arrested, not throughout the trial, not since...and now it's been six years. SIX YEARS of total silence. Enter Theo Faber, forensic psychotherapist, who is determined to get Alicia to speak again and to open up about what happened that night. After many sessions, along with Theo making it possible for Alicia to have art supplies so she can paint again, Alicia gives Theo the one thing she's been hiding for six years - her diary. Now Theo can read Alicia's thoughts and fellings about her life - now he can talk to her brother-in-law, her old therapist, the gallery owner, her cousin - all of whom have secrets. When the truth comes out and details come together, will Theo be able to help Alicia - or will she forever remain silent? Oh, and the ending? HOLY MOLY!

Alex Michaelides has written a masterful suspense story of a woman's total silence and the heart-pounding journey of a man's determination to help her. The Silent Patient is a Hitchcockian, Christie-esque, wonderfully crafted whodunit.