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My favorite go-to genre are psychological thrillers and this one blew my mind! Michaelides writing is gripping and fast paced, kept my on my toes wanting more. Alicia Berenson is the “silent patient” who hasn’t spoken in 6 years after she murdered her husband executioner style. She’s completely mute. None of the characters are unreliable & all with secrets of their own. The book flips PoV between Alicia Berenson’s voice via her diary entries leading right up to the murder and psychotherapist, Theo Faber. Theo is determined to help her and get her to talk.

I recently read The Patient by Jasper Dewitt and thought this would be a very similar story and while it’s similar in that both are in an asylum and both based in the UK and the therapist or psychiatrist wants to “save” the patient, it ends there. This thriller is enthralling & gripping. is definitely one of my favorite thrillers right up there with Gone Girl.

“But why does she not speak?” – Euripides, Alcestis