Kept Me Guessing

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After artist Alicia shoots her husband five times, she goes mute. This creates a world of mystery around her and her artwork becomes famous and in high demand. Meanwhile, she is hidden away from the fame and public in a forensic unit. Here, a therapist begins working with her in an attempt to unravel the mystery behind her. However, the mystery is much larger than anyone could have ever guessed.

This book kept me guessing the entire way through. With each turn of the page, I was proven wrong with my prediction, only to have my jaw on the floor upon finishing.

Alex Michaelides' writing is gripping and difficult to put down. I was quickly immersed in this world and deeply invested in the plot and characters. While I greatly enjoyed the book, I did find it a bit disturbing. If you enjoy a book that will you keep up at night (either reading or being afraid of the dark) this is a good one.