It was okay.

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I would say this book was a boring read for me all throughout until the plot twist happened because of the fact that I thought everything was set to be so slow pace, I didn’t really start peeking up until I go to the end of the book and then I was interested. Every character in this book was interesting I will say trying to unravel the truths/lies in this book was also an interesting factor in this book. You would think you know exactly what the problem was and who did it but then it’ll twist you in a whole different direction which is why even though the book was a slow starting point, the plot twist was such an wow factor because you really would have never guessed it! Regardless of the slowness that occurred in the book, I would still recommend it to anyone who wants a wow factor! This book was an okay read for me. It was slow for a while for me but the plot twist was shocking, so I’m glad I stuck through to the end!