I was not expecting that twist

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I often come back to this book and it caused a second read which I normally do not feel the urge to do. As a true crime and thriller fan, I went into this book a little skeptical. A friend told me how much the enjoyed the book and I continuously saw it in many of the book groups I follow.

The premise of the story immediately captivated my attention and had me focus on so many little details. The building up took a few chapters, but then I found it hard to put the book down. This story had me thinking about it on the way to work and in the downtime between my classes.

There were so many instances where I thought I solved the great mystery of the story, but then a wrench was thrown into my plans. There have been quite a few thrillers I've read where I guessed the plot in the middle of the story, but I can honestly say I wasn't expecting this ended.

I have recommended this book to friends and family and everyone has the same reaction!