Had me fooled till the end

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Incredible story with a ton of twists and turns. Once I finished the final chapter I sat back and went Wow, What did I just read. The Silent patient is an amazing psychological thriller. Right from the beginning I was hooked by its the intriguing characters, a murderess, psychotherapist and an eerie psychiatric unit. Why wont she speek? Is it because she is in shock or in fear? Who can you trust and who do you believe. Trickles of what truly took place are sprinkled in between the lines for the reader to discover. Those hints are well written to make you question the story you believed from the start.
Just imagine reading along all cozy then BAM BAM BAM a tornado tosses your entire belief system into outer space. Thats how it went for me. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor to keep reading. Do not want to write any spoilers just read this book. It will mess with your head and leave you thinking.