Great twisty book

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This was a really enjoyable thriller. I know many people said they saw the twist coming, but to be honest, I didn't. I was trying to guess it while reading, but I guess I wasnt paying enough attention. If I had been reading it more critically, then yes, I could have figured it out.

This is a bit of a slow burn. It's not a fast paced thriller. Instead, it slowly develops the characters until the the ending sneaks up on you and hits you with an explosive twist.

I also liked how the premise was pretty unique. I'm a frequent thriller reader, but even so I haven't read this trope very many times. Definitely kept me wanting to read more to find out what was going to happen, and if Alicia would ever speak after murdering her adored husband and then never saying another word. I wanted the audiobook to go faster so I could just "get to the end already, damnit." If you like slow burning thrillers, definitely give this one a read!