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A famous painter kills her husband by shooting him five times in the face and hasn’t spoken a single word since. A criminal psychotherapist is determined to unravel the mystery and get this woman to talk. Nobody in this story is truly what seem.
From the beginning the mystery surrounding Alicia and why she murdered her husband, seemingly out of the blue, drew me in. This book had some unexpected twists and did a great job of keeping me guessing through out it’s entirety. It was definitely unputdownable! I was able to get through this book in one sitting, as it was pretty fast paced. When it comes to thrillers I prefer several twists, keep me guessing right up to the end and for the big reveal to be totally unpredictable. This book did not disappoint me on any of those aspects. I was thoroughly immersed in this one, right up to the very end and enjoyed every bit!