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Great psychological thriller

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Very well written thriller. Lots of suspense and intriguing parts. We have the silent patient who has been at the psych ward due to her refusal to f St peak. And her psychotherapist who has issues of his own with his wife. We also learn about each of their pasts and how it shaped them to be who they are present day and affect how they perceive the world. There were Some interesting side characters as well. I kind of figured out where it was all headed but it was still a great read and the short chapters kept me flipping pages fast. I did not however love the ending and how it was a little open ended to me or open for interpretation.
I appreciated that the twists were realistic and there weren’t 50 of them which lately a lot of thrillers do. All that ends up doing is detracting from the main story, so I liked that.
Overall a book I would recommend often.