good book until I think about it alot

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The silent patient. so this book totally captured me and I probably read it in ~2 days. it was fast paced and had super good plot twists. I was impressed with the author and thought I would like more of his books... turns out I didn't but that's a whole other story.

this is a book where you probably won't be able to predict the ending, which is obviously what makes a thriller good. BUT the downside of that is that the ending may be too unrealistic then. this book was on the cusp of being unpredictable yet also unrealistic. when I look back at this book, I know that I liked it and that it was easy to read, but as a whole there were a lot of problems with it and I don't think it would rank among my favorite thrillers.

It had good pacing and story telling which prompts the reader to NEED to know what happens. but overall, just a mediocre/pretty good book for me.