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Did NOT See That Coming!

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The Silent Patient drew me in pretty quickly and kept me guessing up until the last few chapters! The chapters describing Alicia as an artist, as a loving wife, her diary entries seemed to show a woman who was hurting, unsure of herself and her relationships, insecure and lacking a solid support system. Her violent reaction towards Theo had lead me to believe that she may very well have been capable of murdering her husband in such an atrocious manner. Initially Theo seemed so driven, in a compassionate way, to help her and given his relationship with his own wife I thought he was a great fit to be her treating physician. As he uncovered the secrets hidden within her journal it seemed they could relate on multiple levels and he would be able to relate to her on a deeper level. It wasn't until the last handful of chapters that I realized how completely justified her initial attack on him had been! For awhile I was suspecting Max or possibly even Christian. This book was hard to put down!