Captivating till the end

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Alicia Berenson is accused of killing her husband and is in a psychiatric facility because she wont talk after the happening! The doctors have tried everything, but its all in vain. Comes along a Psychotherapist Theo Faber, who tries to understand Alicia, as he thinks, he can make her speak again. But as Theo moves closer to Alicia, dark secrets unveil and the truth consumes him!

You guys, you’ve to read this one!! Its the author’s debut, but you’ll not feel like it while reading. First time I started this, I had a readers block and put it off for a week. After I started reading it, I was totally absorbed by the plot. I started in the morning by 10-ish and finished by 7.30!!! Its that fast moving and gooood!! The ending is everything... I had to flip back and forth to make sure what I read was correct!! Best psychological thriller. Theo, if not a psychotherapist, would easily qualify for a PI. Wonderful writing. Read it, you wont be disappointed!