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BEST psych thriller of 2019!

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WOAH... woah!

This psych thriller was EVERYTHING. And I really mean everything IMHO :)

I loved everything about this book - the character dynamic, the beautiful prose, and the roller coaster of a plotline. Not going to give out any spoilers but the ending was definitely out there.. And now I am officially shook. This is going to be everyone's favorite psych thriller of 2019! Now I am looking back [in 2021] and I recall how much I loved this one.

Of all the psychological thrillers I've read, this one would definitely make the top 10 list!

If you're a fan of the genre but unsure of which ones are worth the read, definitely add this to your TBR - you will NOT be disappointed!!! So many shocking twists and turns... an ending you will NOT forget... not to mention how amazing the author's writing style was - really blew me away! What are you waiting for? Add this to your must-read list now!