Best book I’ve read this year!

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I’d been hearing about The Silent Patient for quite awhile but hadn’t gotten around to starting it. I’m so upset I waited so long. This is by far my favorite book of the year.

The story starts out by introducing the narrator, Theo, who is a psychotherapist. He’s on a mission to begin working with a woman named Alicia. Alicia is accused of killing her husband. She hasn’t spoken since the day of his murder. For years, Alicia is mute. She even refuses to speak to tell police what happened or in her defense. She is placed in a psych unit named the grove.

Theo begins working at the center that Alicia is placed in and asks to work with her. He works tirelessly to get to the bottom of Alicia’s story. What exactly happened the day of the murder? Why does she refuse to speak?

Just when you think you’ve got this one figure out, there’s a huge twist. I finished this book in one sitting, it’s impossible to put down.