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A bit disappointing after the hype

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Truthfully, I was a bit disappointed with The Silent Patient after all of the hype that I was reading about it online. It reminds me of a classic British thriller. You can tell pretty early on that the narrator is unreliable and that there is going to be a big twist regarding the narrator. I actually predicted the twist before it happened, which doesn't necessarily mean the twist isn't good, it was just a bit predictable. Because of that, the twist, which is quite obviously the climax of the novel, didn't leave me shaken like it left a lot of people.

If you like thrillers, like any of Clare McKintosh's book's, you're going to probably like this one. It's an easy read that doesn't take too long to consume due to the fast-paced nature of the writing. Is it as good as The Woman in the Window? No. But is it a good thriller that will occupy your time? Yes!