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The Silent Patient is a fantastic psychological thriller, but please also be aware that it does fall in line with a typical "popcorn thriller" as well. I read this book at the time when I was wanting something with a huge twist that would pull me in from the first page - and I got just that! This book features some epistolary elements as well as a wonderful narrator, resulting in a dual view-point novel in a way that is creative and entertaining. I did not have any way of guessing the twist in this book, and trust me I guessed SO MUCH and tried to figure it out. This book lets you play along and the twist makes sense when it does come which I appreciate, but is still nothing that the reader will be able to guess (unless of course you are just that awesome). I found this book to be riveting, entertaining, dark, mysterious, and it kept me biting my nails to the quick until the very end.