A physically and psychically ride

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"We're all mad, I believe, just in different ways."

This book quite literally grabbed a hold of me tight and kept me along for the ride. I love the excerpt I just read. If the whole book continues on in this way, than whoo this is going to be a wild ride of a book!

I love how blunt Theo is. About who he is and his past. He straight tells it like it is. I like that a lot in a good thriller book.

I cannot wait for Theo and Alicia's interactions. They are going to be so fascinating. I just want to know what happened the day she killed her husband! I am dying to know. Which tells me that this will be a book to put on your tbr list. When I am dying to know why something happened and what drove the person to murder, in this books case, I know this is going to get good and it's going to be crazy getting to it.