YA Normal People

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Where to start?! In the town of West Finch, Maine three teens face issues bigger than most and yet so universal they could be people I know. Ellis, Tommy and Harlow are such unlikeable and complex characters. They are all jerks at times and yet I couldn't help but root for them to just communicate and solve their issues. They felt so flawed and real, just like the characters in Normal People. Ellis and Harlow's friendship is toxic and strong and confusing while Tommy is on the outskirts. Tommy's attempted suicide sparks many changes amongst their relationships and may change them all forever. While these teens try to forge and salvage their relationships, the town is in danger of falling into the sea. Combatting the severe storms and preparing for the worst, the town creates more tension in this book.
While I said the characters are unlikeable, I loved the writing and the premise of this book. It's literary fiction for teens and adults alike. It's beautiful and raw and I would recommend it to friends and students.