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Reviewed in the United States on July 2, 2021
If you are into the emotional roller coaster of say Turtles all the Way Down then this is probably going to be your next favorite read.
Found families and those we choose to leave behind. Heart wrenching plots and dark days all while trying to save a small town from destruction. This will pull your heart strings one second and punch you in the gut the next.
I honestly thought this wouldn't be such a tough story to read based on the cover. It felt like it would be a gentle cry instead of making you grab a full box of tissues.
I definitely wouldnt recommend this to anyone who just wants a good story with a happily ever after. This is one of those books that you feel for days after finishing. The author did a great job and I am excited to see other and read other books by them. Hopefully a little less sad. Great read.