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I honestly liked this book a lot. It is set in a small town in Maine that is in danger of being washed away by the ocean. The book reminded me a lot of We Were Liars because of vibes, but I enjoyed the writing and characters a lot more in The Sea is Salt and So Am I. I felt the characters were well developed, and I liked how they each got a POV.

Harlow, one of the three main characters, is the only female main character. What I liked most about her is probably how flawed of a person she is. She is stubborn and selfish, and sometimes even annoying, but I felt like that made her a more realistic character.

Ellis is Harlow's best friend, and probably my least favorite of the main characters. He wasn't a bad character and he didn't do anything wrong, I just thought he was boring at times. He is also a disabled character and I liked how the book showed him struggling with it.

Tommy is my favorite character hands down. From the start, he was the most interesting and is by far the best person. He's by no means perfect, but he has more positive character traits than Harlow and Ellis. I think how his struggles with depression and suicide were dealt with well, and I enjoyed him as a character.

Overall, I really liked the book. My only criticism is the ending. Throughout the story, the author hints at this big secret, which turns out to not be that big or a secret and only leads to the reader being confused. The last chapter is super unspecific and it made me angry because I didn't know what was happening.