Beautifully Written

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I have not read something so beautifully written in such a long time. I usually don't get why some books are called "coming-of-age" cause they never feel to relatable. BUT THIS BOOK. This book had everything that I or people I know have struggled with. As a teenager you are figuring so much of your life out. You're figuring out who your friends are and sometimes you can fight with those friends. I felt like the author took a look inside my brain and put it out on a page. Not to mention how beautifully constructed each and every sentence of this book was. I could not stop reading it. This was the first YA novel that I have ever felt the urge to annotate because of all the messages almost hidden throughout the entire book. Not to mention the wide selection of diversity that this book had. There is LGBTQ rep, mental health rep, as well as disability rep. I literally am at a loss of words for how amazing this book was. All I have to say is go read this book right now.