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I don't even know where to begin with this book. I could not put it down. Harlow, Ellis, and Tommy had the perfect messy relationships that I love to read about. There's the complex relationship between twins Ellis and Tommy who don't even have much of a relationship anymore by the time the book starts. The overly codependent relationship between Ellis and Harlow. Finally, there's also the twisted antagonistic relationship between Harlow and Tommy.

I think this book is going to be polarizing. I can see how it will be incredibly easy for people to decide they don't like Harlow and don't approve of her actions. I was just so sucked into her life and her decisions while often not the greatest were especially interesting as she tried to justify them to herself. The characters were all incredibly real. They screwed up, they weren't perfect, even their best of intentions could cause unintended pain. In my opinion this book did an excellent job discussing depression and the constant struggle dealing with clinical depression can be. Medication doesn't instantly fix everything and choosing to take medication or talk to someone can be its own fight each day.

I loved the setting, a small town being slowly swallowed by the ocean each hurricane season. The small town vibes of everyone being up in everyone else's business was perfect. I enjoyed the indifferent attitudes many of the townspeople seemed to have about the inevitable destruction of West Finch. I also loved the open ending of this book, it fit perfectly with the story.