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This was an absolutely stunning novel, and I cannot believe this was a debut novel. The writing was so beautiful and descriptive, I never would have guessed that this was Cassandra Hartt's first novel.

I really enjoyed reading about the dynamic relationship between Harlow, Ellis and Tommy. The characters each had distinct personalities, and I felt like we learned so much about them and the overall situation as the POV alternated between the three. In the author's note, Hartt wrote that she started with the idea of writing about a "friendship that felt as necessary as breathing," and I think that she accomplished just that. Harlow and Ellis felt very real, and their dialogue, overall dynamic, and difficult past were incredibly realistic and never felt forced. Despite the bumps in the road, their friendship is something that I think many aspire to have.

I do wish that we had more questions answered in the end. I was hoping to learn more about the characters' futures and relationships rather than still being left with a few questions (unless this means that a sequel of some sort is coming because I would absolutely read that). Overall, this was a wonderful read, and I will be on the lookout for and eager to read anything else that Cassandra writes.