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Absolutely love this book! I have listened to the audio book and it was so good I bought the book.🤣🤣 I love the magical aspect to the story along with the whole female making it in a man's world dilemma. I was captivated throughout the entire story and that's something considering I hate listening to audio books. 🤣🤣 I definitely recommend this book if Young Adult and magical fantasy are your cup of tea. If you're not into blood and etc some of the scenes may not be for you as some did get a little graphic, though of course I don't mind I know others might not enjoy that kind of gore. Even if that's not your thing it's not too often in the book and I highly recommend giving this book a read. I love the way the author wrote out the dialouge and the scenery. She paints a flawless picture with great scenes to go with it. I could picture everything in my mind with ease 😁😁