such a surprising read!

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The description of this book gave me Spin The Dawn but dark vibes. I really didn't know what I was getting into other than some kind of political games and dark alchemic practices. Because of that, I think my standards were low, but boy was I wrong. This book was such a good read! The author did a masterful job weaving in magic and politics without it being overwhelming or hard to understand. This book was an absolute page turner from end to end. I really loved it.

On top of that, the characters were so captivating. Zilan has had a rough life and is truly alone in the world (other than some cousins) but she never felt woe-is-me or dejected because of it. The story does a great job keeping pace and not succumbing to the issues of family dynamics.

Overall, while I don't think I would seek out another book from this author, if another one came up at the library or was given to me, I definitely enjoyed this book enough to want more.