Perfect for fans of CDramas!

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I'd like to thank the publisher and NetGalley for allowing me a chance at reading this book before it dropped.

Again, I've been on a CDrama kick and if I see anything that sounds like the dramas I'm watching I dive at it with grabby hands. It's been really fun picturing the characters, costumes and actors in my head while reading this. I had actually read another one of Kylie Lee Baker's books (the first of another duology), but that one felt lacking. This one was dark, magical, and intense.

I can totally see where the FullMetal Alchemist vibes come from. The author totally made it her own! Our main character lost her mother and her father vanished - he did leave behind instructions and alchemist notes about reviving the dead. Taken in by her aunt and uncle, and their two children, she sets up shop selling trinkets for the dead. But on the side, she is known for raising the dead. I'm not talking about just recently passed, I am also talking about those who look like their skin is about to come off dead.

The book has a very tight narrative, and it gives a good detail of the past history of the main character and the parents who she lost. It also gives a good idea / rundown of of the magic works. All magic has a price and hers is very interesting and I am curious to see how it starts to harm her in book two,

The reason I mark it down a star is because I found he love interest / prince to be too whimpish and or not a strong enough fit for her. Based on what happens to him and what happens to the characters at the end of Book 2, it will be interesting to see how things go with him and them.

I usually have two-book series but this one was well written, well paced and kept my interest. I am looking forward to Book 2 when it drops!