Historical Chinese Fantasy

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zilan dreams of providing for her family by becoming a royal alchemist. the most practice she’s gotten is practicing an illegal form, which involves necromancy, but now she’s off to the capital to participate in her imperial exams. there, the crown prince reaches out to her for help, suspecting an assassination attempt.

i adored kylie lee baker’s the keeper of night duology, so i’ve been highly anticipating this first book in a new duology(?)!! i loved how the historical setting in the tang dynasty was blended with the alchemy magic. i can’t think of any other books i’ve read featuring alchemy, so this was really interesting to me! the author has compared this book to fullmetal alchemist, which i am now interested in reading/watching. i also loved the dynamic between zilan and the other characters, such as her cousins and the crown prince.

i highly recommend this book and i’m eagerly awaiting book two!