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My first impression of this book was that I loved the cover, and I don't usually like people on my book covers. I admired the cunning and intelligence of the main character, Zilan, to take the risk of practicing necromancy despite it being illegal. Not only that, but she's good at it and develops a reputation for her skill. I was also rooting for Zilan to realize her dream of being a royal alchemist. She was a well-rounded and well-written character. I loved her relationship with her cousins and that they were in with her dream of going to the capital too. I found the world building to be well done and the alchemical magic intriguing.
When the prince comes to Zilan for help, they the stakes get even higher. Although the book ends with a set up for the next one, I liked that it wasn't a crazy big cliffhanger. Kylie Lee Baker also brings in her mixed heritage to her character which was great. I love that this is a duology and look forward to the next one.