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Adding "The Scarlet Alchemist" by Kylie Lee Baker to my TBR list is non-negotiable. Zilan's distinctive identity, being half Asian and half Scotian, brings a layer of complexity that I'm eager to unravel. The exploration of her cultural background promises a compelling narrative, and the unique magic system adds an extra allure to the story. Baker seamlessly weaves together Zilan's alchemical pursuits and the challenges of imperial exams, creating a tapestry of intrigue and excitement. The cultural diversity and the enigmatic blend of magic make this novel an irresistible choice for my next literary journey. With its promise of a captivating world and nuanced characters, I'm ready to immerse myself in the 700 pages that hold the potential for an enthralling mix of identity, magic, and challenges.thank you for the opportunity to read a sneak oeak!