Too good to be true

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Thank you Minotaur for the gifted copy.

Well, this book was different from what I expected! (not in a bad way)

Emily is a hot mess - a struggling actor, fired from her temp job, getting evicted from her apartment. After she gets fired, she is offered what seems like a dream job - by her former boss. The job? Moving to France and being the carer/assistant/nanny/go-fer/etc to his wife and young daughter. She has to sign an NDA, there is no cell service, cameras everywhere, locked gates...the longer she's there, the more she is thinking something is very strange.

The wife seems mostly fine at first, the daughter has "medical issues" - supposedly a severe allergy to the sun and she doesn't talk. Something is definitely not right.

Emily does end up uncovering their secrets, and the ending has several twisty moments. I think if I had tried to figure it out as I was reading, I could have. I did like the flashback chapters, because it gave me a glimpse into the "why" and "how" of the story. There were some parts at the end that I think might have made more sense if written differently, and I had to go back and reread a couple things.

The Safe Place is an entertaining read perfect for a day at the beach or pool.