this book blew me away

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This book blew me away! I read it in 3 hours and could not set it down! I was so enthralled in Emily’s story and honestly did not see the twist coming. The books characters were wonderfully developed, though I would have loved more of Nina’s backstory, and every step the took, while FANTASTICAL, was completely believable. The events of this book unfolded so naturally, and the many nuances could have led this story down multiple different avenues, and I LOVED IT! I still can cause myself to have chills thinking about the events of this book, and i love that it has made this large of an impact on me! The ending absolutely blew me away and made me go back and read parts of the book to see where i may have missed any clues or hints and what was to come! Insanity is a word that comes to mind when thinking about this book but in the very best way possible. Its a must read !