Safe and Sound

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Emily lives a scattered life in London. She lives paycheck to paycheck and has a relatively new job as a receptionist at a financial services firm. She spends spare moments going on acting auditions. She has a less than perfect relationship with her adoptive parents. Then all in one horrible day, she gets fired, her acting agent drops her and she gets kicked out of her apartment. Then as if by fate, Scott the CEO from her former employer offers her a job as a housekeeper/au pair at his seaside French property. He will help his wife Nina with DIY projects around the house and help out with their young daughter, Aurelia.

Emily takes the job and while there are some slightly off putting things, she loves her new life and quickly develops a rapport with Nina and her daughter Aurelia. Emily feels the happiest she's felt in a long time. She actually enjoys helping clean and fix up the old houses and yard. But then she starts noticing things that don't quite add up.

This was an impressive effort for a debut thriller. The narrative alternated between Emily's, Scott's and Nina's perspectives. The story hooked me right in and I couldn't help but hope that Emily would wake up to the situation that she was in. The story was a bit predictable but I went with it as an escapist read. While the premise of a troubled, down on her luck female falling into the hands of scheming people is not a new thriller trope, I really did enjoy this story and the new take the author had on it. And I loved the cover of this book. Take me there please!

What to listen to while reading (or during reading breaks)
I Can't Win by The Strokes
Now is the Start by A Fine Frenzy
La Vita Nuova by Christine and the Queens
Sacre Francais by Dimitri from Paris
Free Woman by Lady Gaga
Single Ladies by Beyonce
If I Ever Feel Better by Phoenix
Breathe by Telepopmusik
Sunset Lover by Petit Biscuit