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I wanted to love this book. It is about this women is down on her luck as everything goes wrong, her boyfriend dumped her, she lost her job and her apartment all on the same day. Until she gets offered a Nanny job with this wealthy, rich family. I was expecting this horror book that would give me nightmares and scare me too much to sleep. What I got was this predictable, lackluster, thriller. It was not scary. I wanted to love this! It just was not for me. The characters were not relatable. I just did not believe the story! I did not feel it.
The best part of this book was the writing. I feel that Anna Downs has potential to be great. I will still pick up the next book she writes. This book just did not work for me. Part of it could be that I read a lot of Thrillers so it was nothing new to me. The story was bland and very forgettable. Forgettable and not worthy!