Excellent beginning

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I was quickly drawn into the story, which moved along at a great pace. It quickly set up Emily's personality, her frame of mind, and her struggles without feeling too rushed. One thing that drew me to Emily's character was that even after being fired, she stayed to finish the things needing done for the day, even going so far as to play with the client's son. She's the complete opposite of a confident heroine, which means now I'm worried about what Scott is planning.

I do get a bit of a Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris vibe. I'm guessing early on that this might go in the direction of keeping Emily captive, as I assume the wife might be. If not held captive, then at least forcefully isolated, which is intriguing.

The cover looks great - a deceptive oasis, beautiful imagery. I absolutely love that the title looks to be partially underwater.

I'm terribly anxious to read the rest of the book!