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Where do I start with The Rib King by Ladee Hubbard? I guess I will start by saying that I enjoyed some aspects of the story and not so much others. I enjoyed Part One which follows August Sitwell and takes place in and around the Barklay's place, I would have enjoyed the book much more if that were the main setting throughout; unfortunately, Part Two leaves the Barclay's and throws Sitwell into a background role and although the reasons of this "exile" enhance the overall story, I can't help but wonder what his story looked like in Part Two. The overall feel of the story didn't resonate all that much with me, it presents very real, important, and current civil issues as well as the age old battle of violent vs non-violent approaches to solving those issues but it was presented in a very slow burn fashion that I found myself (only at times throughout the story) less than enthused to keep reading. I much appreciated the writing style and its similitude of early 1900 era literature (the era, in which, this story takes place.) Overall, this was one of those stories that I liked and didn't like at the same time but I am happy to have read it