Moving, heartwarming and unforgettable!

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At just 10 years old, Doris received the most precious gift ever, a lovely red leather address book from her father. Now 96 years old, Doris has used it to keep track of the most important people in her life. At present, she is using it to jog her memory as she recounts her life in a journal she plans to give to her closest living relative, grand-niece Jenny.

Doris still lives at home and has caretakers who check on her daily. It's easy for them to see her as she is now (weak and frail) and to forget about all she must have experienced during her long life. Even Jenny is unaware of her great aunt's triumphs and defeats so her journal will serve as a long-lasting legacy.

I thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful and moving story and didn't want it to end. The ending was equal parts devastating and heartwarming and the overall message of this story was one I won't soon forget.