A visit with the relative you wish you'd had

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96 year old Doris is the delightful narrator of this story. She uses her trusty address book to take us through her adventurous life. You travel with her from Sweden to Paris and New York as she moves from a childhood of poverty to a series of situations and careers. Life isn't always kind to Doris but she somehow manages to pick herself up and keeps moving forward. This is what I admired so much about her.
She is full of hope, despite setbacks and embraces modern technologies to stay connected to a beloved great niece. It is for this niece, Jenny that Doris records her memories.
Doris is such a refreshingly supportive person in her interactions with her niece. I felt that the encouragement she gives her is what she probably told herself in more trying times. I enjoyed their relationship and Jenny's thoughtful ways of caring for Doris as she shared her final chapters.