Wanted A Bit More Plot

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The plot felt borderline non-existent until the final third.

The Rancher’s Baby opens with a bombshell as friends Selena and Knox reconnect at a friend/her ex husband’s funeral. It turns out the dead guy, Will (this happens in first chapter so it’s not really a spoiler), isn’t dead. It also turns out that the potentially interesting story of what’s going on with Will, why he’d gone missing, why someone faked his death, and why all his exes were named beneficiaries, isn’t explained or relevant to anything here other than to be used as a convoluted reason for Knox to temporarily move in with Selena to protect her from what, I don’t know, having her death faked, too?

Beyond chapter one there’s very little going on aside from Knox and Selena figuring out how to shift from a platonic relationship to a sexual one. It wasn’t terribly written but it certainly wasn’t eventful either.

The story didn’t really kick in, didn’t really have me emotionally engaged until close to the end when finally there was meaty conflict between Selena and Knox, it was no longer just the I want you/don’t want to lose our friendship stuff that barely qualified as a plot, by finally digging deeper into the characters, particularly Knox and his fear of moving past a tragedy, only then did The Rancher’s Baby at last feel like it was actually about something.

I received this book through a giveaway.