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This was another one that I had high hopes for, especially because one of the taglines was "for fans of Sarah J Maas". That right there would have grabbed me without having to read further.

However, the plot was very recycled. You had classic two perspectives one guy, one girl. The guy is a dark, mysterious assassin. The girl has been training all her life to prove herself. In a shocking twist, they now have to team up and overcome the odds!

Pretty typical. I've read dozens of books like it.

And also, for an assassin book, it was pretty tame in terms of action and killing (nothing like Nevernight by Jay Kristoff). I wanted more adventure and action and the book didn't fulfil that.

In general, if you want a nice, easy, fast paced fantasy, this book checks those boxes. Unfortunately, that's where the boxes end and the rest of what I was looking forward had to be found in other books.