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It wasn't as good as it could have been

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I gave this book three out of five stars. When I initially read the excerpt from this book, I was fascinated with it and couldn't wait to read more. Once I actually received the book and got to reading, that anticipation and eagerness to read changed drastically to the feeling of finishing a book just to finish it and write a review (since I did receive it for free from BookishFirst - all opinions are my own). I felt more obligated to finish it than anything and about halfway through, the book dragged really badly for me. Three stars is generous. The premise of the book is so good and it had such potential but when the whole love story was introduced, the book became way too predictable and just not for me at all. I usually love Melissa De La Cruz as an author but this story felt rushed predictable, and not complete. I still love her as an author and will continue to read her books. This was a one-off, in my opinion.